The Adventure Within

That image of the Jeep with its lifted chassis and huge tires left a deep and lasting impression.

Chin Hao grew up like any other Singaporean, going through Primary School, Secondary School, JC and University. It was only after he stayed in the States for a period of time that he experienced snow storms, blizzards, long drives, and interstate travelling. Those experiences were an eye opener and piqued his interest in a car that could do it all. Here in sunny Singapore, he doesn’t get to drive on snow, go long distances all the time or even explore the wild as often as he used to, but for him, his Jeep keeps him “linked” to his American experience.

Although the city landscape in Singapore is very different from what he experienced in America, Chin Hao still finds enjoyment in the elevated ride height. Since you can’t really push the speed limits in Singapore, he wanted a ride that would fit into the urban landscape yet gave him an opportunity to experience the full capability of a vehicle he thoroughly loves. 

Like many Jeepers, Chin Hao is familiar with camping off-roads and typically joins other Jeepers to tackle tough terrains on Malaysia’s plantation roads. He likes that his children get the opportunity to experience the outdoors without the hindrance of the internet and electronic devices, something often hard to achieve in Singapore. Yet he still finds his Jeep a great fit for his everyday life in Singapore as he works in Hardware Material Supply and Car Detailing, he appreciates the extra space in his Jeep that holds any additional cargo he might need.

Chin Hao is such a big fan of his Jeep that it quickly rubbed onto his wife. After borrowing his previous Jeep Cherokee for road trips and camping, his wife enjoyed the drive so much that when he upgraded to the 2020 JL Wrangler 2.0 Turbo, his wife followed suit and got one too. And while Chin Hao’s parked Jeep Wrangler along Serangoon Road has many people sneakily taking pictures of it, his wife’s Jeep has seen more of the limelight. Inspired by Barbie's pink jeep wrangler (as seen in cartoons, toys and posters), she decided to get her Jeep Wrangler wrapped in bubblegum pink and live out a teenage fantasy.

Talking about the Jeep community in Singapore, Chin Hao really enjoys how dynamic the group is. They may come from different walks of life but their common love for the outdoors and disconnection from the everyday life make them special to Chin Hao. 

“We bond through activities organised through JOCS, be it off-roading / camping or just having our Jeep and Meet!”

If you’re on the fence about owning a Jeep, Chin Hao would advice you take the plunge, especially if you’re looking for a vehicle that allow you to push boundaries yet set you apart from the crowd. Best advice of all, to embrace your inner wild side and to shape the way you see your urban setting.