Pretty in Pink

Faces of Jeep is a column that features real Jeep owners and shares their special moments in the tight-knit Jeep community.

In this series of Faces of Jeep, we speak to Si Min, a doctor. 

With COVID-19 being the biggest challenge of the year, Si Min shares how her pink Jeep Wrangler lifted her spirits during tough moments and how she kept the bond with her husband alive through their love for Jeep.

Welcome to the Jeep club! What do your friends think about your new Jeep?

“Wah!” was the most common answer I got when I showed them my new Jeep. Most of my friends were initially surprised at my choice as there are not many ladies who drive a Jeep, let alone a Wrangler. However, my closest pals know that I love the outdoors and have dreamt of getting a pink Jeep ever since my schooling days. 

Certain cars fit certain people. Women should be behind a sleek, shiny sedan. Agree or disagree?

I cannot speak for everyone, but I will most definitely pick my Jeep Wrangler over a shiny sedan any day! I’ve driven two before purchasing this Jeep Wrangler – and they cannot compare to her – she brings me so much happiness! 

Both you and your husband have a Jeep Wrangler. Was your husband part of the reason why you’re now driving a Jeep? 

We do get a lot of stares when we travel out together in our Jeep Wranglers JL, especially when mine is wrapped in bubblegum pink, his being lime green. Our affinity with Jeep began when we were looking for SUV options as we were starting our family. Our first Jeep was a Jeep Cherokee, a robust family car that was great. When it was time to get a new car, my husband re-looked at the Jeep models and discovered the Jeep Wrangler. He was especially attracted to its off-road presence and capabilities. After the test-drive, I think it was a clear choice for us to move forward with Wranglers. 

You had a Jeep Cherokee before the Jeep Wrangler. What attracted you to the brand?

I feel that owning a Jeep is more than just owning another vehicle – we are now also a part of a close-knit Jeep community. Since owning a Jeep, my husband and I had various opportunities to go on off-roading and camping adventures, allowing us to forge stronger bonds with not only my kids but with other Jeep families as well. For me, these experiences have allowed us to create precious memories that would have been difficult to get as city-dwellers. The Jeep, to me, is not just a new car I have. It is a family; it is a whole new lifestyle.

What is your favourite thing about your new Jeep Wrangler?

The fact that she is versatile, allowing owners like myself to be flexible and creative, depending on the type of drive we desire. For example, my Jeep Wrangler can be driven with or without a roof, enabling me to enjoy a panoramic view when out, or even without doors when I go on an off-roading adventure. The sheer capability of this vehicle amazes me – she is equally capable of paved and dirt roads.

We heard that you like to draw - have you heard about our Jeep Easter Eggs? (Jeep Easter Eggs are vector art found throughout the car)

As an illustrator, I was curious to discover the different vector art, how they were drawn and presented. When I got my Jeep Wrangler, I spent the first few days just hunting for the Easter Eggs. My favourites are the ones that reference Jeep’s storied past!

Follow Si Min on her illustration journey here.