Faces of Jeep is a column that features real Jeep owners sharing their special moments in the tight-knit
Jeep community.

Zoravar was all smiles as he stepped out of his Jeep Compass with his wife and two kids. We sat down
with him for a chat, with a picturesque view of the sea at the Labrador Nature Reserve. When sharing
his Jeep Compass’ off-road experience with the Jeep Owners’ Club Singapore (JOCS), Zoravar said
that it made him feel great owning such a versatile SUV. Read on as Zoravar shares his journey with

What were your initial thoughts about Jeep? Has your impression changed since then?

When I first started driving more than 10 years ago, the model that came to mind when I thought of the Jeep brand was the Wrangler. Due to the huge engine capacity of the Wrangler at that time, it was
intimidating to me as the road tax and fuel consumption would be high.

In recent years, I have been observing Jeep vehicles, and I have noticed that they have different Jeep
models catered for different uses, so that got my attention. The newer Jeep models are equipped with
smaller engines and are now more practical for everyday driving in Singapore.

Editor’s Note: The new Wrangler now comes in a 2.0l turbo engine as compared to the previous model
which came in a 3.6l engine variant.

What were your top considerations when getting a Jeep Compass?

The car I get cannot just be an adventure car – it has to be an all-purpose car. I have two kids and
elderly parents at home, whom I bring around.

When I think of Jeep, I think of off-road and adventure. I was pleasantly surprised when I test drove
the Jeep Compass for the first time. I have driven many SUVs in my life, and nothing quite compares to
the Jeep Compass. It felt like I was driving in something quite tough, yet it was very stable and not
bouncy at all.

What are some of your favourite things about owning the Jeep Compass?

I have driven cars that were either 2-wheel or all-wheel drives, but not one that was in-between. I like
that the Jeep Compass is a wonderful middle ground – it looks like a regular car on the road, and still
has the 4×4 capability when I want to go off-road. Plus, the Adaptive Cruise Control is fantastic on the

What do people around you have to say about the Jeep Compass?

My parents love the look of the car, and my wife enjoys the spaciousness and practicality of it. My kids,
however, adore all the gadgets in the car. There was this one time I wanted to show them how the
ParkSense Rear Park Assist worked. I told them, “Let’s see magic!" When they saw the steering wheel
spinning itself for the first time, their eyes lit up. Since then, whenever my kids are in the car, they will
always ask, "Papa, do magic parking!" Seeing my kids happy makes me happy, and I am glad the Jeep
Compass can bring that kind of joy to them.

There is a misconception among my friends that Jeep vehicles have very high fuel consumption. I
always say to them, that is not true. The Jeep Compass has a 1.4L engine, a much smaller engine than
everyone assumes. My car is economical and practical, so it is just like owning any other vehicle, where
fuel consumption is quite reasonable.

A lot of car owners have concerns that getting a car that is uncommon on the road is hard to
maintain. What are your thoughts on this?

While I recognize that not many workshops serve the Jeep Compass because of its unique parts, I was
not concerned as the car came with a 5 year warranty.

Furthermore, my sales consultant, Elcy was very helpful to address my concerns promptly and that
gave me the confidence to go ahead and buy the car.

We heard you were on an off -road trip with the JeepCompass, how was your experience?

I went off-roading with the Jeep Owners’ Club Singapore (JOCS) just a week after I got my Jeep
Compass. The off-road trip made me feel great owning such a versatile SUV. The JOCS members were
very welcoming – I felt included, and there were no formalities. There is a strong community spirit
that made me excited to be a part of the Jeep community.